The Right Selling Price Affects Your Bottom Line

When you’re selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you’ll receive. That’s why you need a professional evaluation from an experienced Realtor®. This person can provide you with an honest assessment of your home, based on several factors, including:

  •   Market conditions

  •   Condition of your home

  •  Repairs or improvements
      Selling timeframe 

  • Questions to help you analyze your pricing strategy: 

    Am I selecting a REALTOR? on services or price? 

    Is the local market rising, falling or staying even? 

    Is my opinion of value based on the actual neighbourhood sale prices? 

    How many homes in this area are competing against mine right now? How does mine compare? 

    Have any neighbouring homes been on the market too long? Why? 

    Is my home consistent with, larger or smaller than the surrounding area homes? 

    Which improvements have I made since purchase that will actually increase value? Which improvements won't? 

    Are my financial needs influencing my asking price?
    Is my original purchase price influencing my asking price? Am I willing to price right and stand firm?
    What is my gain by buying up in the present market? 

    Are the benefits of moving important enough to price my home at the market? 

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